Free Sky Movies one month trial for new and existing customers

Thinking of joining Sky or already an existing customer who would like to try Sky Movies free for one month?

If you haven’t experienced this offer before, then now is your time!


Choose from over 800 movies whenever you want, on demand, including recent box office hits, all time classics, and family favorites on Sky Movies Disney.

Just send an email to, don’t forget to include your full name and a contact number.

You can cancel your one month free trial of Sky Movies at any time.


Sky deal for February 2014

Do you remember reading one of my blog posts stating that Ashford Vision can hook you up with a great Sky deal?

Well introduce this one to your thought-buds!


Sky are now giving new customers 30% off Sky TV –  free broadband unlimited – (broadband offer in-conjunction with sky sports or movies, subject to availability), and if you order before Friday 14th February, you will get a WHOPPING 35% off line rental!

But the deals are just for new customers, right? WRONG! Even existing customers can now add free unlimited broadband with any premium channel (sports/movies) – subject to availability.

All you have to do is send us an email to and don’t forget to include your name, address and a valid contact number. Ashford Vision can then arrange for an experienced top level sales agent to call at a time that suits you to get the ball rolling.

Time for a check-in.

Hello, I am still here!


It has been a very busy period since my last blog, with the winds and what would have been a very steady workload anyway.

I have had the usual TV aerial, satellite dish, telephone and satellite broadband work coupled with wind damages including a call-out to an aerial that had fallen due to the top half of a chimney collapsing! I removed the bricks that were poised ready for sliding down the tiles and hitting a conservatory roof. Then it was made water tight ready for re-building, (I didn’t do that bit).

Another call-out was for a Tooway satellite broadband dish that was ripped out of a brick wall. The cause was the wind, but it didn’t help that it wasn’t installed correctly in the first place. It had loose elevation and azimuth securing bolts and the main wall securing bolts were drilled into to the mortar, which is the weakest point on a wall for mounting things.

Hopefully we have seen the end of the winds for a while, and business can return to normal. I am also hoping that I will have a little more time to update my blog every month. So until next time, Bye-bye.