Broadband Solutions from Ashford Vision

Broadband Solutions from Ashford Vision

Looking to change your broadband provider? You have come to the right place!
With a great experience in broadband , Ashford Vision are able to assist you in finding a provider that is suited to your requirements.
We are able to obtain a solution for residential customers and businesses alike.
We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction from the point of first contact right through to order processing and the installation of your new services.
If you are unable to get a usable land based connection like BT or Virgin Media, then check out our Satellite Broadband options from the likes of SES Broadband, and Tooway. With Satellite Broadband, you do not need to rely on wires for your broadband internet connection.
Based in Ashford  Kent, Ashford Vision can offer help wherever you are based the UK to find and switch to your suited broadband provider.
To find out more, visit and click on the broadband tab that is located on the navigation bar at the top of the home page.

Ashford Vision go UK-wide with Satellite Broadband

Ashford Vision have only been in the satellite broadband industry for 2 years, but in that time have become a major reseller / installer of SES and Tooway broadband in Kent.                                             I have changed the way that I work as a reseller which will now allow me to offer satellite broadband solutions throughout the United Kingdom.

out of this worldFor customers within Ashford Vision’s install area of Kent, there is no change in the way that things work. It starts with an online survey that is conducted at our end, all the way through to the installation and activation of the chosen supplier’s hardware and optional wireless router.

Customers that reside or do business outside of our installation areas will still receive a free online survey and the sale & dispatch of the hardware will be arranged also.

As for installation, obviously I wouldn’t take a drive to Scotland or Wales to install satellite broadband hardware into 1 person’s property, that just wouldn’t be financially viable. But we can arrange for an approved installer to install and activate, who is closer to that customer than we are.

So, if you know someone in a rural area who is struggling with a substandard internet connection, please let them know that we exist. They will thank you for it, maybe their neighbours will thank you too. Then all of a sudden, you are a hero!

SES Satellite Broadband Pricing

SES Satellite Broadband pricing is now on the Ashford Vision website.


SES is Europe’s biggest satellite provider and the most cost effective and reliable satellite broadband option currently available. If you live or do business in a rural area, why not give SES Satellite Broadband a go?

Head on over to and check out the tariffs. You will find a package to suit. Whether you are a business or a family who ‘s current land based connection just doesn’t cut it, SES Satellite Broadband is waiting for you!