Goodnestone Manor – DVB-T2 Reception & Distribution

Again due to lack of time, it has been a while since my last blog – so lets make this a Good(nestone) one!


Goodnestone Manor is currently being refurbished, and the TV system was in dire need of updating. With new cables run to 17 rooms within the property, the next thing was to link it all up to a head end set-up.

In the loft went a new 4G/LTE filtered antenna for the reception of the frequencies needed to run Freeview.


Once the antenna was in, next was to install the equipment to allow successful distribution to all of the 17 rooms. A 4G/LTE filtered head end launch amp took care of the initial signal levels, whilst stepped tap plates ensured that each room’s signal was with specification for trouble-free service.


It was a real pleasure working on this project, the place was amazing, and you had to stop to take it all in.


Dunsten Hall – The Old Wye College Site

This week saw my second visit to the old Wye College site in Wye, Kent. This time it was Dunsten Hall – which has a total of 36 rooms that were in need of a decent TV signal.

Dunsten Hall

Dunsten Hall had an existing install that was just not up to the job. It had two aerials that were pointing to the local Wye Freeview Light transmitter, and they could only receive about 10 TV channels if they were lucky and if weather conditions would allow it.

The old aerials were feeding two separate sides of the building and it was requested that this was replicated in the revamp.

Two new 4G/LTE filtered aerials were installed and mounted on a non penetrating roof mount that was weighed down with 4 paving slabs. This avoids drilling into the roof, and eliminates leaks. The new aerials were successfully aligned to the Heathfield transmitter, and are receiving the full Freeview line up.

Dunsten Simon

Two new 4G/LTE filtered 47db gain launch amps replaced the existing under-powered domestic masthead amps.

Dunsten Launch

I made use of the existing internal wiring, but swapped out all of the internal screw-down splitters for shielded tap plates and connectors. This cuts out the ingress of noise, and the egress of good signal.

Dunsten F Connectors

All 36 rooms are now receiving a great DVB-T/T2 signal that is at the higher end of the specified tolerance, and I have had reports back that Withersdane Ltd’s clients are very pleased with their new available selection of reliable TV channels.

Dunsten Aerials

There will be a video posted shortly to our Facebook page that will show how we got the paving slabs, bracketry, aerials and tools up to the roof!

A Return Visit to Highworth Grammer School

Highworth Grammer School have some building work going on, that looks like it may be close to completion.

Highworth Logo

They are building a new main reception and performance area, and are having a TV on the wall in the reception. As I have been there a couple of times before, and carried out works for the student canteen known as The Hub, they didn’t hesitate to get me back in to get the main reception’s TV a feed for Freeview.

Highworth Aerial

Due to the new building not being attached to the one that their current aerial in installed on, a new 4G/LTE filtered unit went up. They are now all ready for the grand opening!

The Norton Knatchbull School – Staff Room

Norton Logo

Another school, another TV aerial.

This time not for a canteen, but for the new school staff room at the Norton Knatchbull School.

The outside of the school has been clad with metal sheeting, which made it quite an interesting cable route from the TV aerial to the TV. But after drilling some holes, weaving in and out of classrooms and trunking along corridors, Ashford Vision succeeded with the task in hand.

At first, the signal levels achieved were actually too high to run without issues, but after attenuating the levels so they were within tolerance, all was working perfectly.

The teachers can now watch Jeremy Kyle in HD on their newly installed system, whilst downing that hard earned cup of tea!

4G / LTE interference at 800 MHz

Sometimes if you are having TV reception problems, it may be down to 4G / LTE interference.

“4G as in mobile data?” I hear you ask. Well you are right.

The old analogue channels 1-4 were terminated (digital switchover) to allow 4G / LTE to expand throughout the UK. Whilst 4G / LTE is great for your mobile devices, those frequencies are very close to those that carry our Freeview channels. In some cases if there is a 4G / LTE mast between your TV aerial and the transmitter that you receive your channels from, it can result in a blocking picture and screeching/clicking sound.

Even though 4G / LTE has been around for a while, there are masts popping up every week which could then be the start of your TV viewing nightmare.

Please remember that 4G / LTE can only interfere with TV channels that you receive through a TV aerial (DVB-T & DVB-T2), and not a satellite dish (DVB-S & DVB-S2).


Here is a picture of 4G / LTE interference present at 800mhz:

4G on


And here is one with 4G / LTE being kept away from 800mhz and below:

4G off


With the 4G / LTE interference under control, normal TV viewing can once again be possible.

Ashford Vision install TV aerials and distribution units that shield your digital TV frequencies from interference. This means that you can be safe in the knowledge that from the start, you won’t be haunted by 4G / LTE whilst trying to watch Eastenders!





I was called out to a bungalow in Aldington, Kent. The customer had a no signal message displaying on his TV when trying to view.
When I went up in to the loft space I could see that the heating guys had pulled the cable out of a connector and wrapped the cable around a piece of metal so tightly, that the stinger (centre core) had snapped internally.

I replaced the connectors and some cabling, and he is up and running once again.

He also had a satellite dish that he wanted installed, so I carried out the installation at the same time whilst being supplied with lovely cups of tea. Just as well, as the snow was falling and my hands were very cold!



Not the usual type of week…

It has been a little different this week than the normal aerial and satellite stuff.

The week started with mounting a 50″ plasma tv wall and the installation of an av receiver in a youth centre located in Paddock Wood.

Mid-week saw the expansion of a local Ashford broadband provider’s WISP network.
The fast growing broadband internet provider that goes by the name of ‘Impossible Internet Ltd’, looks to be the up and coming solution for consumers and businesses who are failing to get what they need from their current providers by being offered a broadband only option.

The week was rounded off with an aerial install which utilised the existing Virgin Media cabling that was already installed within the property.
This may be the way forward for some people who are leaving Virgin Media to avoid the installation of further cabling. This keeps cables running around the home to a minimum and keeps the installation cost down.