Unlimited Fibre Broadband from £5.00 per month


Ashford Vision are currently able to offer the below pricing on up-to 38Mbps broadband from Plusnet.
This offer is for residential/consumer customers only on a new 18 month contract, who are currently on a line that is managed by Openreach.

Up to 40Mb Unlimited Broadband: from £5 per month (for 18 months, then £14.99 thereafter)
Download up-to 38Mbps
Upload up-to 1.9Mbps
FREE activation
Free ‘Hub One’ Router
Router delivery (upfront): £6.99
Line Rental: £17.99
Voicemail 1571: £0.00

TOTAL upfront payment: £6.99
TOTAL monthly payment: £22.99 (£32.98 after 18 months)

If you currently have a line managed by Virgin Media, there is an additional installation charge of £49.99 applied for an engineer install, which is added to the total upfront costs.

Optional telephone add-ons include; Unlimited UK and mobile calls @ £8pm | 100 mobile minutes @ £3pm | Evening and weekend UK and mobile calls @ £4pm | Anytime international calls @ £7.50pm | Anonymous call reject @ £4pm.

Need faster speeds? Unlimited Fibre Extra is available at £10 per month (for 18 months, then £19.99 thereafter)

Please send an email to broadband@ashfordvision.co.uk with your contact details, and the address of where you would want the services installed, and we will call you back.


Data Cabling at Red Cherry Recruitment

I was called out to a new business located in Bridge Street, Ashford. The business is called ‘Red Cherry Recruitment’.


Jon contacted Ashford Vision in regards to his office’s data cabling – half of it was not working! With enough on his plate already with the starting up of his business, the data cabling issue was the last thing that he needed to deal with.

Upon arrival, it became apparent that some of the cabling had suffered some damage. Also, there were issues with the patch panel that was in position. Within 2 hours, all was fixed and Jon was left safe in the knowledge that he was all ready to go.

Red Cherry Recruitment provide a bespoke recruitment service in the commercial, industrial and catering sectors. Jon and his team can be contacted on 01233 229430 | jon@redcherryrecruitment.co.uk .




Broadband Solutions from Ashford Vision

Broadband Solutions from Ashford Vision

Looking to change your broadband provider? You have come to the right place!
With a great experience in broadband , Ashford Vision are able to assist you in finding a provider that is suited to your requirements.
We are able to obtain a solution for residential customers and businesses alike.
We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction from the point of first contact right through to order processing and the installation of your new services.
If you are unable to get a usable land based connection like BT or Virgin Media, then check out our Satellite Broadband options from the likes of SES Broadband, and Tooway. With Satellite Broadband, you do not need to rely on wires for your broadband internet connection.
Based in Ashford  Kent, Ashford Vision can offer help wherever you are based the UK to find and switch to your suited broadband provider.
To find out more, visit www.ashfordbroadband.com and click on the broadband tab that is located on the navigation bar at the top of the home page.

BT SIM only/Bring your own phone plans

New SIM only/Bring your own phone plans

BT Mobile’s new plans include a £5 monthly discount for living in a home that has BT Broadband – and that covers up to five SIMs per home! There’s loads of brilliant features including voicemail and unlimited 0800 calls. And BT’s fast 4G is available in more places than O2, Vodafone or Three, on the UK’s biggest network.

BT Mobile 500MB plan


  • 500MB Data
  • Unlimited BT Wi-fi
  • 200 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Superfast 4G enabled
  • Free BT Sport Lite App
  • 12 month contract
  • £5.00 per month

   BT Mobile 2GB plan


  • 2GB Data
  • Unlimited BT Wi-fi
  • 500 Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Superfast 4G enabled
  • Free BT Sport Lite App
  • 12 month contract
  • £10.00 per month

    BT Mobile 15GB plan


  • 15Gb Data
  • Unlimited BT Wi-fi
  • Unlimited Minutes
  • Unlimited Texts
  • Superfast 4G enabled
  • Free BT Sport Lite App
  • 12 month contract
  • £16.00 per month

The prices above already include the applicable discount for living in a home with an active BT broadband connection.

If you are interested in one of the above sim deals, please email us at enquiries@ashfordvision.co.uk


200MB offer

Save £15 a month for the first 12 months.

Get up to 200Mbps & unlimited calls from £45 a month for 12 months!

85% of SMEs are paying up to £49 per month for their broadband so this promotion brings the Ultrafast 200Mbps bundle under this price.
(You pay £60 per month thereafter for the duration of the contract)*.
You save £15 a month for the first 12 months, that’s a total saving of £180.
Offer ends 30th September 2016.
All prices subject to 20% VAT.


Up to 200Mbps download speeds. Subject to 24 months minimum term contract. Minimum cost of install is £50 per site, excess construction charges may apply. Redial before 60 minutes for landlines and 10 minutes for mobiles to avoid call charges. New broadband customers only.

To check whether you are in a serviceable area, it is as simple as sending us an email to broadband@ashfordvision.co.uk. Be sure to include your full business name, address and postcode.

Once we have performed a successful check, you will be contacted to get the ball rolling.


Ashford Vision – partnered with Virgin Media Business

Business Fibre Broadband

Is your business experiencing a broadband connection that limits your productivity?

Ashford Vision are partnered with Virgin Media Business. With us you can obtain the UK’s fastest speeds of up to 300Mbps, making connectivity limitations a thing of the past. Ultrafast 300Mbps is more than THREE times faster than BT’s fastest widely available speed (BT Infinity Premium – 76Mbps).


The broadband from Virgin Media Business runs on their DOCSIS3 technology, right into the premise. This makes it more reliable, and it holds on to its speed much tighter than regular copper, giving you more of what you signed up for.

Find out more at www.business-broadband-kent.co.uk PartneredSmallRed


Goodnestone Manor – DVB-T2 Reception & Distribution

Again due to lack of time, it has been a while since my last blog – so lets make this a Good(nestone) one!


Goodnestone Manor is currently being refurbished, and the TV system was in dire need of updating. With new cables run to 17 rooms within the property, the next thing was to link it all up to a head end set-up.

In the loft went a new 4G/LTE filtered antenna for the reception of the frequencies needed to run Freeview.


Once the antenna was in, next was to install the equipment to allow successful distribution to all of the 17 rooms. A 4G/LTE filtered head end launch amp took care of the initial signal levels, whilst stepped tap plates ensured that each room’s signal was with specification for trouble-free service.


It was a real pleasure working on this project, the place was amazing, and you had to stop to take it all in.

Google Reviews

Just before Christmas, my Google reviews dissapeared from my listing and after a month long battle with Google, it looks like my reviews are back where they should be.
Why not check them out and see what my customers are saying about Ashford Vision?
If you have had work carried out by myself and you wanted to leave some feedback, please feel free to let others know about your experience.
No Google account? All is not lost – you can find us on FreeIndex, and that is a great place for feedback too – we are currently ranked 22nd out of 1064 in the UK on the FreeIndex website.

The Julie Rose Stadium – Radio Communications

Coming toward the end of 2015, and I was asked to perform an installation for a local radio communications company – JCS Kent Ltd.

Julie Rose

The Julie Rose Stadium now has control over the Conningbrook Lakes, and needed to have radio coverage over this area.

There was an existing TV aerial mast that needed swapping due to the existing one being bent. The new mast had a radio repeater mounted on the end, and the TV aerial was reinstalled and pointed to the Dover transmitter to ensure continued TV reception.


Dunsten Hall – The Old Wye College Site

This week saw my second visit to the old Wye College site in Wye, Kent. This time it was Dunsten Hall – which has a total of 36 rooms that were in need of a decent TV signal.

Dunsten Hall

Dunsten Hall had an existing install that was just not up to the job. It had two aerials that were pointing to the local Wye Freeview Light transmitter, and they could only receive about 10 TV channels if they were lucky and if weather conditions would allow it.

The old aerials were feeding two separate sides of the building and it was requested that this was replicated in the revamp.

Two new 4G/LTE filtered aerials were installed and mounted on a non penetrating roof mount that was weighed down with 4 paving slabs. This avoids drilling into the roof, and eliminates leaks. The new aerials were successfully aligned to the Heathfield transmitter, and are receiving the full Freeview line up.

Dunsten Simon

Two new 4G/LTE filtered 47db gain launch amps replaced the existing under-powered domestic masthead amps.

Dunsten Launch

I made use of the existing internal wiring, but swapped out all of the internal screw-down splitters for shielded tap plates and connectors. This cuts out the ingress of noise, and the egress of good signal.

Dunsten F Connectors

All 36 rooms are now receiving a great DVB-T/T2 signal that is at the higher end of the specified tolerance, and I have had reports back that Withersdane Ltd’s clients are very pleased with their new available selection of reliable TV channels.

Dunsten Aerials

There will be a video posted shortly to our Facebook page that will show how we got the paving slabs, bracketry, aerials and tools up to the roof!