Unlimited Data – Satellite Broadband

It doesn’t seem that long ago that there were changes and improvements to satellite broadband connections throughout the UK. Well now there is yet another change to our Satellite Broadband offerings.

In the past, there was a requirement to pay for the equipment at £5 per month, postage of the equipment to your door at £19.99, standard professional installation at £49.99, account/equipment activation at a £59.99 and a monthly charge of £74.90 for the top package. 

We are now able to offer UNLIMITED data connections with download speeds of up to 100Mbps (averaging at up to 75Mbps) for just £69.99 per month, with a one-off  account/equipment activation charge of £49.99. This pricing includes VAT. The equipment and standard installation are now both included.

As you can see, it is now a more cost effective and realistic option than it ever has been. So if you are struggling with your current connection and the pricing has been the “put-off” on getting set up with satellite broadband, it could now be time to revisit this option.

Check out what there is availble here: www.satellite-broadband-kent.co.uk and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Simon – Ashford Vision


Satellite Broadband from Ashford Vision – Lets Get Connected!

Sat BB Blog pic

Ashford Vision (a TV aerial and satellite dish company based in Kent) have offered satellite broadband sales in the past, but we had cut our involvement down over the past couple of years due to limited usage plans.

As of today, we are proud to announce a partnership with BigBlu who offers 100% nationwide coverage, and allow us to offer you an unlimited satellite broadband solution at the most cost effective price point yet. This means if you are struggling with a slow, nearly non-existent land-based connection in your rural home, there is no need look any further for an end to your headache.

We can provide you a connection, even in the most remote parts of the country. From light users through to more data hungry streamers. All you need is a clear view of the southern sky to provide the dish a clear line of sight.

No updates from your current provider as to when you can use the internet to do even the simplest tasks like your friends? With an installation normally within 10 days, then there is no reason in hesitating to get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you, and helping you to get the connection you deserve. Check out what is on offer here: www.satellite-broadband-kent.co.uk


Dunsten Hall – The Old Wye College Site

This week saw my second visit to the old Wye College site in Wye, Kent. This time it was Dunsten Hall – which has a total of 36 rooms that were in need of a decent TV signal.

Dunsten Hall

Dunsten Hall had an existing install that was just not up to the job. It had two aerials that were pointing to the local Wye Freeview Light transmitter, and they could only receive about 10 TV channels if they were lucky and if weather conditions would allow it.

The old aerials were feeding two separate sides of the building and it was requested that this was replicated in the revamp.

Two new 4G/LTE filtered aerials were installed and mounted on a non penetrating roof mount that was weighed down with 4 paving slabs. This avoids drilling into the roof, and eliminates leaks. The new aerials were successfully aligned to the Heathfield transmitter, and are receiving the full Freeview line up.

Dunsten Simon

Two new 4G/LTE filtered 47db gain launch amps replaced the existing under-powered domestic masthead amps.

Dunsten Launch

I made use of the existing internal wiring, but swapped out all of the internal screw-down splitters for shielded tap plates and connectors. This cuts out the ingress of noise, and the egress of good signal.

Dunsten F Connectors

All 36 rooms are now receiving a great DVB-T/T2 signal that is at the higher end of the specified tolerance, and I have had reports back that Withersdane Ltd’s clients are very pleased with their new available selection of reliable TV channels.

Dunsten Aerials

There will be a video posted shortly to our Facebook page that will show how we got the paving slabs, bracketry, aerials and tools up to the roof!


A Return Visit to Highworth Grammer School

Highworth Grammer School have some building work going on, that looks like it may be close to completion.

Highworth Logo

They are building a new main reception and performance area, and are having a TV on the wall in the reception. As I have been there a couple of times before, and carried out works for the student canteen known as The Hub, they didn’t hesitate to get me back in to get the main reception’s TV a feed for Freeview.

Highworth Aerial

Due to the new building not being attached to the one that their current aerial in installed on, a new 4G/LTE filtered unit went up. They are now all ready for the grand opening!


Highworth Grammer School, Ashford, Kent – Additional TV Aerial Socket

Last year, I installed a TV aerial at Highworth Grammer School in Ashford, Kent.

Highworth Grammer

The aerial was installed externally in an inconspicuous spot, and the cabling was run into the school’s cafeteria; which is known as ‘The Hub’.

The Hub

I was asked to come back to do some more work, so today I was back at the site installing an additional TV aerial point into ‘The Hub’, for a second TV.


Civil Rail Solutions move to a new premise without any data cabling.

I have just come out of the other side of a large business install job.

Civil Rail Solutions (CRS) were finding that the size their premises at Barrow Hill had become a little restricting for them, and it had indeed become time to up-size.
They had found a property that was ideal for their needs that is located on Henwood Industrial Estate It had ample office space, and more room for parking. The only problem was that it had never had any data/voice cabling installed… EVER!

The guys at CRS had BT booked to shift their VOIP phone system and to install broadband so they were ready for business, but upon the arrival of the BT Openreach engineers, it became apparent that CRS were only booked in for the phone system installation and there was no broadband in sight, and they were already occupying the premises.

Ashford Vision carry out installations for a local company called Impossible Internet, which is the brain child of N79’s Robin Jobber. As soon as we heard of CRS’s predicament with their business comms, we installed a broadband connection there and then for them.

The next thing was to install a brand new solid copper data network over the 2 floored property consisting of over 40 RJ45 points and nearly 1200 mtrs of Cat5e cabling that CRS could run their VOIP and data over.

After 1 week of installing and running tests, it was time to leave as the job was done. Hope you settle in quickly Civil Rail Solutions.


Darling Buds of May

Had an interesting job installing SES Satellite Broadband this week at the Larkin house in Bethersden, Kent.
Ma’ and Pop Larkin are very happy with their new broadband internet connection, they say that it is “Perfick!”



Well, they don’t actually live there of course, but there is a family that do.

The farm that was used as a backdrop for the Darling Buds of May is host to an annual classic car show, and later this year people will be able to book a holiday in the converted oast.

Check out: www.darlingbudsfarm.co.uk for more details.

As the property is grade 2 listed, the dish for the Satellite Broadband connection went on a pole and the cable was buried in a flexible conduit.


SES Satellite Broadband Pricing

SES Satellite Broadband pricing is now on the Ashford Vision website.


SES is Europe’s biggest satellite provider and the most cost effective and reliable satellite broadband option currently available. If you live or do business in a rural area, why not give SES Satellite Broadband a go?

Head on over to www.satellite-broadband-kent.co.uk and check out the tariffs. You will find a package to suit. Whether you are a business or a family who ‘s current land based connection just doesn’t cut it, SES Satellite Broadband is waiting for you!

Free Sky Movies one month trial for new and existing customers

Thinking of joining Sky or already an existing customer who would like to try Sky Movies free for one month?

If you haven’t experienced this offer before, then now is your time!


Choose from over 800 movies whenever you want, on demand, including recent box office hits, all time classics, and family favorites on Sky Movies Disney.

Just send an email to sky@ashfordvision.co.uk, don’t forget to include your full name and a contact number.

You can cancel your one month free trial of Sky Movies at any time.

Satellite Broadband

Are you struggling with broadband speeds in a rural Kent area?

Well struggle no more with Tooway Satellite Broadband.


Ashford Vision are now approved tooway installers and a europaSat agent, this means that we can take you from point of sale through to installation. We can normally get you on line within a week with a fast, reliable broadband connection.


Head on over to www.satellite-broadband-kent.co.uk for products and pricing.