Civil Rail Solutions move to a new premise without any data cabling.

I have just come out of the other side of a large business install job.

Civil Rail Solutions (CRS) were finding that the size their premises at Barrow Hill had become a little restricting for them, and it had indeed become time to up-size.
They had found a property that was ideal for their needs that is located on Henwood Industrial Estate It had ample office space, and more room for parking. The only problem was that it had never had any data/voice cabling installed… EVER!

The guys at CRS had BT booked to shift their VOIP phone system and to install broadband so they were ready for business, but upon the arrival of the BT Openreach engineers, it became apparent that CRS were only booked in for the phone system installation and there was no broadband in sight, and they were already occupying the premises.

Ashford Vision carry out installations for a local company called Impossible Internet, which is the brain child of N79’s Robin Jobber. As soon as we heard of CRS’s predicament with their business comms, we installed a broadband connection there and then for them.

The next thing was to install a brand new solid copper data network over the 2 floored property consisting of over 40 RJ45 points and nearly 1200 mtrs of Cat5e cabling that CRS could run their VOIP and data over.

After 1 week of installing and running tests, it was time to leave as the job was done. Hope you settle in quickly Civil Rail Solutions.


Additional Data Points at Leasehold Solutions Ltd

Louie at Leasehold Solutions Ltd gave me a call to see if I was available to add to their existing data / phone network at their offices in Croydon. Having spent a considerable amount of time working on site there in the past, I had a good recollection of the layout and submitted an estimate for the works required.


After Louie compared the estimate to the one they received from BT, I had a call back to book an appointment to go and complete the additional works for the Cat5e Data / Voice cabling and sockets.



Here is the original testimonial from the first time I carried out works at Leasehold Solutions Ltd:


“Leasehold Solutions Ltd were about to relocate to a building with more office space but shortly before moving in we discovered that the previous occupiers had cut all of the data cabling (79 lines) above the ceiling tiles. We needed to get someone out quickly to visit and provide us with an estimate to put things right, as we only had 2 weeks before we needed to be in.

I called Simon at Ashford Vision and given our situation, he felt obliged to get to us as soon as possible. We found his estimate accurate, he was fast, clean, and everything worked perfectly. He managed to turn what could have been a massive crisis for Leasehold Solutions Ltd into a smooth premise changeover. We would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Louie Burns, Leasehold Solutions Ltd.