The Big Cat Sanctuary

I can’t believe that we are thundering our way through March already. I meant to post this one up earlier this year when I attended for this customer.

The Big Cat Sanctuary is based in Kent, and it is a centre dedicated to the conservation of wild cats. You can book an overnight safari experience here, and stay in a lodge on-site. More information can be found here:

As I have mentioned lodges here, this is one of the reasons that I attended The Big Cat Sanctuary back in early January 2023. A lodge had some work done to it, and cabling had been supplied and fitted by another company. Sanctuary maintenance tested the TV’s for a Freesat reception, and it was actually non-existent. This is when Hugh got in touch with me to arrange a visit to get things sorted prior to having people stay in this lodge.

After checking things over, it was clear that the cabling for one of the runs needed to be replaced as it was split in multiple places down the outside of the cable. Remember here that this was a new cable run! The satellite dish was also out of alignment, which obviously would not help the situation either.

Once that had been put right, there was another Freesat job for the staff break area, and a Sky Q job for an employee who stays on site.

I have visited The Big Cat Sanctuary in the past with my family, and it was a great day. I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a cat or two this time around, but it was not to be. I could see an enclosure in the distance, but I don’t think that counts!

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Freesat ‘on demand’ update.

Freesat has promised a select family of TV-focussed on-demand services as YouTube joins its Free Time from Freesat platform ahead of 4oD and Demand Five.

YouTube has launched the latest version of its HTML-based app for the big screen, supporting YouTube Leanback smartphone remote control feature, personal logins and adaptive streaming.

It’s part of Free Time from Freesat, the second-generation of Freesat, launched last year, which combines satellite TV with on-demand and catch-up TV over your broadband connection.

Dan Chronnell, Freesat’s director of product development, said the quick launch of YouTube’s app has validated their choice to use the familiar web technology of HTML instead of others like Flash or MHEG.

“This is the first deployment of YouTube’s latest HTML app in Western Europe on a TV service,” Chronell added. “We were able to get it up and running in weeks, rather than months, with very little disruption to the platform.

“HTML is becoming the platform of choice for broadcasters and other partners to do stuff across multiple territories and markets.”

Freesat is now tackling the final technical hurdles of adding 4oD and Demand Five alongside BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, and the new arrival.

“We see those as a really big value adds that will strengthen our service, and they are not far away,” said Dan. “There’s a combination of technical factors that we are going through.”