Don’t worry people, Christmas 2014 is not cancelled!

The latest in my line of  rural business satellite broadband installs took me to Green Team GB Ltd.

Green Team is the sales brand for Green Team Group – one of the leading companies in Europe in the production and sales of Christmas tree seedlings, Christmas trees, decorations and foliage.               They supply garden centers and other outlets nationwide, with B&Q being their biggest UK customer.

Christmas Tree

With it being a very busy time of year for them, having a sub-standard internet connection of 0.3Mbps – 0.5Mbps speeds was giving them a headache, so they looked for a solution.

I received a call from John. We got the ball rolling on the equipment order, and set the installation date.

green team dish green team tria

Now they have broadband, there shouldn’t be any problem finding your family Christmas tree this year, as the orders are flying in for them.

SES Satellite Broadband Pricing

SES Satellite Broadband pricing is now on the Ashford Vision website.


SES is Europe’s biggest satellite provider and the most cost effective and reliable satellite broadband option currently available. If you live or do business in a rural area, why not give SES Satellite Broadband a go?

Head on over to and check out the tariffs. You will find a package to suit. Whether you are a business or a family who ‘s current land based connection just doesn’t cut it, SES Satellite Broadband is waiting for you!