Goodnestone Manor – DVB-T2 Reception & Distribution

Again due to lack of time, it has been a while since my last blog – so lets make this a Good(nestone) one!


Goodnestone Manor is currently being refurbished, and the TV system was in dire need of updating. With new cables run to 17 rooms within the property, the next thing was to link it all up to a head end set-up.

In the loft went a new 4G/LTE filtered antenna for the reception of the frequencies needed to run Freeview.


Once the antenna was in, next was to install the equipment to allow successful distribution to all of the 17 rooms. A 4G/LTE filtered head end launch amp took care of the initial signal levels, whilst stepped tap plates ensured that each room’s signal was with specification for trouble-free service.


It was a real pleasure working on this project, the place was amazing, and you had to stop to take it all in.

A Return Visit to Highworth Grammer School

Highworth Grammer School have some building work going on, that looks like it may be close to completion.

Highworth Logo

They are building a new main reception and performance area, and are having a TV on the wall in the reception. As I have been there a couple of times before, and carried out works for the student canteen known as The Hub, they didn’t hesitate to get me back in to get the main reception’s TV a feed for Freeview.

Highworth Aerial

Due to the new building not being attached to the one that their current aerial in installed on, a new 4G/LTE filtered unit went up. They are now all ready for the grand opening!

The Norton Knatchbull School – Staff Room

Norton Logo

Another school, another TV aerial.

This time not for a canteen, but for the new school staff room at the Norton Knatchbull School.

The outside of the school has been clad with metal sheeting, which made it quite an interesting cable route from the TV aerial to the TV. But after drilling some holes, weaving in and out of classrooms and trunking along corridors, Ashford Vision succeeded with the task in hand.

At first, the signal levels achieved were actually too high to run without issues, but after attenuating the levels so they were within tolerance, all was working perfectly.

The teachers can now watch Jeremy Kyle in HD on their newly installed system, whilst downing that hard earned cup of tea!

Ashford Vision go UK-wide with Satellite Broadband

Ashford Vision have only been in the satellite broadband industry for 2 years, but in that time have become a major reseller / installer of SES and Tooway broadband in Kent.                                             I have changed the way that I work as a reseller which will now allow me to offer satellite broadband solutions throughout the United Kingdom.

out of this worldFor customers within Ashford Vision’s install area of Kent, there is no change in the way that things work. It starts with an online survey that is conducted at our end, all the way through to the installation and activation of the chosen supplier’s hardware and optional wireless router.

Customers that reside or do business outside of our installation areas will still receive a free online survey and the sale & dispatch of the hardware will be arranged also.

As for installation, obviously I wouldn’t take a drive to Scotland or Wales to install satellite broadband hardware into 1 person’s property, that just wouldn’t be financially viable. But we can arrange for an approved installer to install and activate, who is closer to that customer than we are.

So, if you know someone in a rural area who is struggling with a substandard internet connection, please let them know that we exist. They will thank you for it, maybe their neighbours will thank you too. Then all of a sudden, you are a hero!

Summer storms over Kent cause some problems, including the loss of a Life Line service.

Most of Kent probably experienced some stormy activity on Tuesday night. It kept me awake, and the rain was immense!


Sometimes there are people who then experience dead equipment the next day, and Wednesday had no shortage of calls.

Most of the calls were regarding the total loss of TV reception where equipment needed to be replaced in order to restore full service.


There was one call however that I felt took priority over the rest and that was one that came in from Hothfield. It was a guy who’s wife had a Life-Line system installed, it is needed if she runs in to any difficulties in and around their home. She presses a button either on a main unit, or on a pendant and it puts her through to someone directly who can asses the situation and arrange for medical assistance if needed.


The storm had stopped this from working, and I was called to attend. It turned out that the master socket within the property had taken the full brunt of a surge, and had given up. After replacing this and testing the other sockets in the house, I went on and performed a Life-Line test call. Everything was left working 100%, and I left them both feeling very happy that it was all back to normal. They are now safe in the knowledge once again that if needed, there would be a rapid medical response at the press of a button.