Using the Dover transmitter to receive Freeview? Get ready for a retune event!

Following a decision by Ofcom, spectrum in the 700MHz UHF band currently used for
digital terrestrial television (Freeview) is being reallocated for the development of future
mobile services. Some channels will be moving to new broadcast frequencies
as a result of this change.
Engineering work for the 700MHz Clearance Programme is taking place at transmitters
across the UK between 2017 – 2020. Freeview viewers (and those with other services
that use Freeview channels, such as YouView) will need to retune their TV equipment
as and when changes take place in their area.

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If you are using the Dover transmitter to receive your Freeview TV channels, the first retune event is on the 21st March 2018. If you do not retune your equipment, you will experience a loss of TV channels (10 ITV320 Drama21 5 USA26 ITV Be27 ITV 2 +130 5STAR34 ITV3 +137 Quest44 Channel 5 +154 My558 ITV Be +159 ITV4 +161 True Entertainment63 Blaze66 CBS Reality70 Horror Channel80 Blaze +183 Quest +1203 CITV211 Ketchup TV, 16 QVC85 Hochanda, 260 CCTV, 261 Racing UK – to name a few).

Not sure if your aerial is pointing to Dover? Try one of the above channels on the 21st, and if you get a no signal notification, you will need to retune your TV.

If your TV does not prompt you to perform a retune, you can perform this yourself from navigating to your tuning menu.

There are a couple of options for once you are in there. The easiest way is to perform an auto scan or auto tune. This will rescan the entire freeview line-up that is available to you. It may take a couple of minutes to complete.

The second way (if your TV supports it) is via a manual scan. Once in the manual scan menu, you will need to change the tuning channel to ch35. Next, select scan/search – this will retune the TV channels that are moving frequency.

Either of the above methods should reinstate your Freeview channel list to it’s full glory!


TivuSat (Italian Satellite) at Nursing Home

Not all people who reside in nursing homes speak or understand the English language, and it can make a daunting change in their lives just a little bit easier if they can receive TV channels that they can understand.

I was contacted by one of my customers who is currently having some work undertaken at her house in aid to provide better care for her mother. The work is estimated to take around 6 weeks to complete, and her mother has had to be put in Singleton Nursing & Residential Home for the duration.

The nursing home does have UK Freeview, but being Italian and not being able to understand too much English, she wasn’t feeling too happy.

After getting the go-ahead from Singleton Nursing & Residential Home, I de-installed the existing dish that was on the house that is currently being worked on, and installed it on the TV aerial mast at the nursing home. I ran some additional cabling and linked it into the existing network of RF/coax cables at the property.
The new resident is very happy that she has her TivuSat back!

I will be back in 6 weeks to do it all again, but in reverse.