An elasticated telephone service call.

I have not had a telephone service call like this one before.

To start with, it seemed quite straight forward in needing to replace a faulty slave/extension socket in the master bedroom.

Next, the customer wanted me to take a look at their old GPO bell box. A bell box is a bit of kit that should ring loud and proud, independently from any phones that are plugged in. They think it was originally installed in 1969 and had recently stopped working.

After asking the customer for an ELASTIC BAND, it was again ringing away. Probably not the most ideal solution, and the unit will probably shut down completely at some point. But at least it gets to live another day.


“Can I order room service please? Hello? I don’t think the phone is working…”

I was at Holiday Inn Ashford Central today after being contacted by Paul from their maintenance department.

They had been suffering with a telephone issue in one of their rooms, and it had come to a total loss of service.

I found a couple of issues with the line; the first was a damaged wire where it had originally been installed incorrectly, many years ago. This coupled with a water leak that occured a while ago, was a recipe for a telephone line disaster. Wires and water do not mix!

Once this issue was repaired, there was still an issue with the line. I then swapped the internal Telco wire pair for the room in question, and after a test call to reception, it was confirmed that the phone was back up and running again.

Great news. And in the words of the rapper called Pitbul, “Hotel Motel Holiday Inn”. Well, that is what I have been singing to myself all afternoon!